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At Kate Farley design, we provide tips and ideas on the best interiors that inspire. Our goal is to consistently bring our audience a set of resources they can use to visualize, create, and maintain beautiful homes.

We put emphasis on visuals that inspire and motivate you to create your dream interior space. Some of the stuff we cover include specific room ideas, architectural innovations, products, cool homes, new design or interior decor trends, and occasionally décor tips.

We’re your one-stop resource for ideas, tips, inspiration, and motivation for your home design project.

Our Designs

Our interior designs help create eco-friendly and comfortable interiors that reflect the modern lifestyles of our clients. It’s one way to attain better life in the future.

Interior design integrates psychology, art and biology to deliver aesthetic designs like no other. Many interior designers have invested in Bio-Design with inspiration from Biomimicry.

We take a holistic approach to design when we delve deep into the soul and heart of customers. This helps us to learn more about your values, personality and beliefs. We express all the design elements creatively and visually.

We incorporate lighting, design, nature and sound into your interior space for a perfect blend of decor design trends and ideas. The spaces we create must work for you and your family, despite bringing your designs from another home.

We don’t just exist but offer other things people find relevant and useful for their design project. Our team can easily create and develop lasting memories. This is where we’ve also done well.

About The Founder

Kate Farley is the founder of our company Kate Farley designs. She’s an interior designer with over 30 years of experience. What’s more, Kate has worked on all kinds of design projects in the industry. And, Kate is passionate about her work. She loves and enjoys her work.


At Kate Farley Design, we’ve been motivated to better serve you, our audience or customer, for over four decades. Over the years, we’ve graced different homes with sophistication, style, warmth, and elegance that reflects the personality, style, and essence of the property owners.

We’re a family-owned business, meaning we understand the value of developing true relationships that last a lifetime. We create authentic relations with our customers and embrace every opportunity that comes our way to help you develop your dream home.

The cornerstone of our company is excellent customer service. We pride in offering great customer service because satisfaction is what drives our business. Our licensed team of interior designers honors your functional and aesthetic or style needs from project concept to completion.

We guide you every step of the way, ensuring that all your needs and demands are met. We strive to ensure that all your needs and expectations aren’t just met but surpassed for total satisfaction.

The varied solutions transform restaurants, hotels, retail, luxury multi-family properties, commercial spaces, and other types of businesses in the sector. With renowned experience, principles of design, and creativity, our company is ready to offer you the best in the industry.

We’re focused on creating a premier brand you can trust for everything interior design. We’re determined to maintain our endless ideals and ideas. Our brand conveys a passion for our customers based on our guiding principles.

We also deliver unmatched service experience according to the highest industry standards governing design excellence. Kate Farley Design strives to improve company contributions to the local community as our way of giving back.

At Kate Farley Design, we believe that architecture designs and interiors should work together naturally around your unique needs as a client and not the opposite.



Happy Clients

Hiring an Interior Designer to help is an expense many people aren’t exactly prepared for.  It seems like you can figure things out on your own, but do yourself a favor and please hire Katy.  I exhausted my resources (Houzz, blogs, google) before hiring her and I should have done it months ago.  Not only are she and her team a total delight to work with, but she also delivered. I was driving myself crazy.  She puts herself in your shoes and really thinks of every possibility.  I am very satisfied with her work..”

“Very professional and wonderful to work with and very helpful to the clients.”

“Everything is fantastic. The people, the workers are all great. I highly recommend Kate Farley Designs if you are looking for professional work and fantastic results”

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