History Of THe Company

Founded over four decades ago, Kate Farley Design is a portal for everything interior design and decor. It offers tips, guides and other resources you need to design your home.

Whether you’re working on your first, second or third home, only the sky is the limit. The team can work harder to deliver exceptional and inspiring home or office interiors.

Kate Farley Design was founded over 40 years ago to offer interior design and décor tips. We’ve worked on over 400 residential homes and 500 commercial properties. We’ve also served over 1000 clients from our online portal.

We offer premium interior design services to our clients. Our team of interior designers is highly trained and experienced in giving homes an exceptional finishing touch.

The company has been in the industry long enough to know what property owners look for in interior design. We also keep abreast with the latest technology and trends to ensure that your home has the exact look you want.

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